UFCM Helps Lendlease Increase Efficiency


Global real estate and investment group Lendlease chose commercial heating specialists UnderFloor Climate Management (UFCM) and Instacoustic to improve the flexibility of the heating installation at a prestigious Manchester project.

Lendlease decided to change the original specification for the apartment heating systems across the Potato Wharf development to reduce the installation time of the underfloor heating.

The final phase of the building in Manchester’s Castlefield is due to be completed this year and includes 191 apartments across two blocks. Lendlease completed the first two blocks, comprising 102 one and two-bed apartments, in 2014.

Instacoustic and UFCM worked with Lendlease on providing an alternative to the original rigid board system.

The project build plan was redesigned around the installation of the Instacoustic cradle and batten system with the UFCM designed Underfloor heating system. This provided construction time benefits to be gained. This also included the time-saving, auto-balancing manifold.

Using patented valve technology, UFCM’s Stainless Steel Auto-Balancing Manifold constantly adjusts each circuit to the desired flow rate, ensuring the underfloor heating system operates with optimum temperature distribution and maximum energy efficiency.

The use of the cradle and batten system allows for the work programme to be condensed – which would not have been possible to achieve with a screed system or the specified rigid board system at the Potato Wharf site.

Rachel Smith, General Manager Underfloor Heating at UFCM, said: “We were very happy to be able to help Lendlease improve the efficiency of the construction of this major development.

“The acoustic system was specifically designed by UFCM and Instacoustic to integrate underfloor heating into the floor system at the Potato Wharf development. The auto-balancing manifolds save time on commissioning and will ensure that heat outputs are optimised.”


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