Over-floor systemsOverlay™ Plus and Overlay™ Plus Acoustic

SKU: overlay-plus-overlay-plus-acoustic

Our patented Overlay™ Plus underfloor heating board is a low-profile system that has been designed to be installed over existing floors. Making it the ideal product for renovation and new build projects.

Overlay™ Plus accommodates all types of floor coverings whilst remaining lightweight rigid and easy to install. The panels are formed of extruded polystyrene which gives them their lightweight characteristics while also providing additional properties such as thermal insulation, decoupling and waterproofing.

The panel features two thin layers of fibre-reinforced polymer concrete with a polyester fleece-coated layer on top of an reflective aluminium foil, which is designed to evenly diffuse the heat from the pipes over the surface of the board.

Overlay ™ Plus Acoustic also comes with a layer of synthetic rubber on the underside to reduce the transmission of impact noise.

  • Features and benefits
  • Key design information


  • Low-profile system
  • Larger, lightweight panel
  • Thermal insulation properties
  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for multiple floor coverings
  • Lightweight pre-grooved boards
  • Ideal for larger project applications
  • Fast response times
  • Sound reducing characteristics (Overlay™ Plus Acoustic Panel)

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