Over-floor systemsOverlay™ Lite

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Overlay™ Lite accommodates all types of projects and floor coverings. Both Overlay™ Lite and Overlay™ can be used for the majority of projects. However, the choice of Overlay™ Lite is determined by floor covering selection. Overlay™ Lite and Overlay™ can be used as appropriate in the same project.

  • Features and benefits
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Features and benefits
• Low profile system (18mm deep)
• No need to excavate existing floor
• Simple installation
• Suitable for multiple floor coverings
• Lightweight pre-grooved boards
• Ideal for both single room and whole project applications
• Fast response times

Optimal floor coverings
• Laminate
• Engineered Wood
• Carpet

Additional information

Typical heat output at 50ºC mean water temperature

Approx. 79 W/m2

maximum circuit length

80m (12mm pipe)

maximum coverage per circuit

12m2 at 150mm pipe spacing