How to make the right heating choice for a tall building

Figures from The Skyscraper Center show that, while there may have been a slowdown in 2020, construction of tall buildings will continue apace in 2021.

There were five UK buildings taller than 200m completed in the last calendar year. This may pale in comparison with the 56 skyscrapers completed in China – but many of the UK’s big cities are still aiming high in their urban planning.

At UFCM we specialise in underfloor heating solutions for tall buildings and can offer systems that do not rely on screeding which will save time in installation and reduce foundation costs due to the reduction in overall weight.

The dry systems are also more efficient and sustainable  – particularly when combined with state-of-the-art heat pumps.

We also offer computer modelling which will detail the heat loss from each unit and allow a consistent and efficient temperature throughout the building.

Whether the building is high-rise residential, office or hotel – we will be able to help you design the ideal underfloor heating system to suit your needs.